RF Pro Kit for JVC Projectors [FHD3D RF]

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  • SW10060
  • RF Pro Kit für JVC Beamer, pk-em2, 3D RF PRO Black Diamond, 3D RF PRO Sender PK-EM2,JVC DLA-95R, JVC DLA-X75R, JVC DLA-X55R, JVC DLA-X35, DLA-X90R, DLA-X70R, DLA-RS48E, DLA-RS55E, DLA-RS56E
Hi-Shock® 3D-RF PRO System "RF VESA" | FullHD RF 3D System for JVC 3D Projectors | Inkl. our 3D... more
Product information "RF Pro Kit for JVC Projectors [FHD3D RF]"

Hi-Shock® 3D-RF PRO System "RF VESA" | FullHD RF 3D System for JVC 3D Projectors | Inkl. our 3D RF Emitte & 3D RF glasses "High Diamond" [Mini-DIN 3 Pin | FHD3D RF | 120 Hz | rechargeable ]

Advantageous next to the quick connection establishment is that there is no direct visual contact needed between transmitter and glasses. This way the viewer is free to move in front of the source image without losing the signal and interrupting control of the glasses

Designed for maximum compatibility with all 3D glasses with RF FullHD3D & Bluetooth sync protocol.


A distinction must be made between 3 cases.

1) For all JVC projectors with eShift 4K (e.g. NX9) you need these 90° polarized 3D glasses:

2) For JVC projectors with native 4K (e.g. JVC DLA-NX7B) 3D glasses with 0° polarization are the right choice:

3) For all other 3D JVC projectors built before 2018: (z.B JVC DLA-95R, JVC DLA-X75R, JVC DLA-X55R, JVC DLA-X35, DLA-X90R, DLA-X70R, DLA-X30, DLA-X9, DLA-X7, DLA-X3, DLA-JVC, X35, X55, X75, X95 Beamer, DLA-X900RKT, DLA-X700R, DLA-X500R, DLA-X95RKT, DLA-X75R, DLA-X55R, DLA-X35, DLA-X55, DLA-X75, DLA-X95, DLA-RS46E, DLA-RS48E, DLA-RS55E, DLA-RS56E, DLA-RS65E, DLA-RS66E, DLA-X3, DLA-X7, DLA-X9, DLA-X30, DLA-X70, DLA-X90, DLA-RS40, DLA-RS45, DLA-RS55, DLA-RS60, and DLA-RS66, etc.)

Please note that with a Hi-Gain screen [1.7 Gain and above], you have to switch the polarization of the 3d glasses.

The emitter is compatible with the following 3D RF glasses:

Hi-Shock Black Diamond, Black Heaven, Deep Heaven, Scarlet Heaven,Oxid Diamond, High Diamond, Sony TDGBT500A, XpanD X105, JVC PK-AG3

You can get the emitter here: JVC Emitter


  • RF FullHD3D solution (120 Hz)
  • No direct visual contact necessary
  • Always synchronized connection thanks to advanced radio technology
  • Easy plug & play use
  • HD resolution for both eyes with active 3D technology
  • Improved contrast and black level
  • No double image effect

Technical data:

  • Weight: 39g
  • Frequency range: 120 Hz
  • Contrast: 1200
  • Permeability: 38-/+2%
  • Connection establishment: via funk / bluetooth
  • Distance: 15 m
  • LCD response time: 2.0 ms

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x 3D-RF Pro glasses High Diamond
  • 1x our 3D-RF Pro transmitter
  • 3x exchangeable noisepieces
  • 1x USB charging cable
  • 1x Microfibre cloth
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