RF Pro Gift-Bundle for JVC Projectors [High Diamond]

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Hi-SHOCK Giftbundle "High Diamond" 4x 3d glasses for JVC projectors and 1x Hardcase. Compatible... more
Product information "RF Pro Gift-Bundle for JVC Projectors [High Diamond]"

Kompatibel mit 3D-Beamern:



DLA-RS1000, DLA-RS2000, DLA-RS20LTD, DLA-RS3000, DLA RS440, DLA-RS4500, DLA RS540, DLA RS640

DLA-VS3000, DLA-VS4010, DLA-VS4500, DLA-VS4550, DLA-VS45NV, DLA-VS4600, DLA-VS4700, DLA-VS47NV, DLA-VS4810

DLA-X5500, DLA-X590 /RF, DLA-X5900 /B/W, DLA X790 /R, DLA-X7500, DLA-X7900 B/W, DLA-X9500, DLA X990 /R, DLA-X9900 B/W/R



Hi-SHOCK Giftbundle "High Diamond" 4x 3d glasses for JVC projectors and 1x Hardcase. Compatible with PK-AG3 |  JVC DLA-X 7000, DLA-X 500R, DLA-RS 400, DLA-X 9000, DLA-X 5000, DLA-X7500W, DLA-X9900BE, DLA-5900, DLA-X7900, DLA-X9900, DLA-X9500, DLA-X7500, DLA-X5500, JVC RS-540 | PK-EM2 transmitter [Active shutter galsses | 120 Hz | high performance battery | 39g | FHD3D RF | black | horizontal polarized | rechargeable | Familypack]

✪ The "High Diamond" 3d glasses is optimized for JVC projectors. Normally the jvc projectors are polarized with 90°. Our glasses recognize the polarisation and provide you a bright & sharp 3d picture.

✪ This high end 3-D glasses provide one of the brightest solutions on the market due to its newly invented reaction-strongly and extremely lucent LCD’s. Enjoy realistic depth mode and impressive HD resolution with a better brightness, sharpness & contrast as comparable products can provide. Your complete 3-D experience will be improved. Hi-SHOCK – Optics, handling and functionality in perfection.

✪ The sturdy surrounding design eliminates disturbing light reflections and stops light perfectly. Optimal lense coverage even for glass wearers. The vast lense and the soft curvature fits to most faces and provides a huge field of view for optimized exposition and maximized wearing comfort. Three different exchangeable nosepieces for a higher wearing comfort.

✪ Accumulator with best charging capacity. At least 80 hours of continuous operation with a single charge. LED indicators show current battery level. Intelligent circuits turn off the glasses after 5 minutes without use.

✪ Safety & quality: CE, FCC, ROHS, CB, REACH certified product. Attention! It’s obvious that some enterprises plagiarized many aspects of our devices, from design and shape of 3D glasses to electronic aspects as well. We do not accept any warranty claims for not licensed products. Kindly note, that application of inferior 3D glasses may influence the visual effect negatively or impair your well-being.


HI-SHOCK® - RF PRO Series [enclosed Design]


2014 Serie (49/57/67): JVC DLA-RS67, -RS57, -RS49.

Or in combination with JVC RF transmitter PK-EM2G and JVC PK-AG3: JVC DLA-X 7000, DLA-X 500R, DLA-RS 400, DLA-X 9000, DLA-X 5000, DLA-X7500W, DLA-X9900BE, DLA-5900, DLA-X7900, DLA-X9900, DLA-X9500, DLA-X7500, DLA-X5500


  • High contrast, high brightness
  • Most advanced LCD-Shutter-Technology and Anti-Interference-Technology
  • fatigue-proof 3D
  • Huge LCD lenses (peripherical vision undisturbed)
  • No synchronization loss or “flickering”, thanks to innovative
  • “zeroflicker”-technology
  • Scratch-proof covered LCDs
  • Auto-detect-, standby-, run-, auto-off-functions
  • Smart design
  • Low power consumption
  • No color distortion
  • Extremely robust
  • Fits perfectly on correction glasses
  • 24/7 support incl. 3 years warranty
  • Quality good by market leader

Technical data

  • Weight: 39 grams
  • Frequency range: 120 Hz
  • Permeability: 38+/-2%
  • Contrast: 1200:1
  • Dial-up: RF
  • LCD response time: 1.0 ms
  • Battery power in permanent operation: >= 80 hours
  • Charging time: 3 hours
  • Lifetime of battery: > 300 charging cycles

Scope of delivery:

4x 3D glasses

4x USB charging cable

4x microfibre cloth

4x glasses pouch

4x manual

12x exchangeable nosepieces

1x Quadcase Hardcase

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