Hi-Shock underlines the quality of its products and offers 3 years of warranty on all Hi-Shock products all over Europe. Our products are subject to strict quality controls. If a product does not work faultlessly we regret this very much and ask you always to contact one of our listed below customer services.

We fix gratuitously, according to the following conditions, defects to the product that are based on material and / or manufacturing defects if they are reported to us immediately within 36 months after delivery.

Correction of accepted damage under warranty that’s acknowledged by us is done by replacing defect parts for free or replacing these parts with impeccable parts. If rework finally fails the manufacturer will provide free replacements or refund the induced value reduction. In case of replacement delivery we reserve the right of a fair assertion for the time of use so far. Further or other claims, especially such deriving from substitute beyond the devices loss occurred are excluded.

Warranty claims are ruled out for damages caused by:

  • Improper handling
  • Environmental influences (moisture, heat, overvoltage, dust etc.)
  • Non-compliance to the application regulations
  • Non-compliance to manual
  • Use of force (for example punches, impacts, drop)
  • Procedures performed by unauthorized service addresses
  • Unauthorized repair work
  • Submission in unsecured packing for transport
  • For the assertion of guaranty the following steps have to be taken:

Fill in the following web formula completely or get in contact with our customer service: