RF Emitter for JVC Projectors

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  • SW10061
  • advanced rf transmitter, optoma transmitter, advanced rf, advanced rf zubehör, zubehör, advanced rf emitter, 2,4, 2,4g rf, emitter für power light, emitter für black onyx
Hi-Shock® 3D-RF PROE Emitter | FullHD RF 3D Emitter for JVC 3D Beamer [Mini-DIN 3 Pin | FHD3D RF... more
Product information "RF Emitter for JVC Projectors"

Hi-Shock® 3D-RF PROE Emitter | FullHD RF 3D Emitter for JVC 3D Beamer [Mini-DIN 3 Pin | FHD3D RF | 120 Hz ]

Attention: Only for customers outside Europe. Orders within Europe will be cancelled. Alternative to PK-EM2 emitter.

Supported 3D glasses:

High Diamond, Black Heaven, Deep Heaven, Scarlet Heaven, Oxid Diamond, Black Diamond (RF PRO Series)

Suitable for all JVC projectors with RF connection:

(z.B JVC DLA-95R, JVC DLA-X75R, JVC DLA-X55R, JVC DLA-X35, DLA-X90R, DLA-X70R, DLA-X30, DLA-X9, DLA-X7, DLA-X3, DLA-JVC, X35, X55, X75, X95 Beamer, DLA-X900RKT, DLA-X700R, DLA-X500R, DLA-X95RKT, DLA-X75R, DLA-X55R, DLA-X35, DLA-X55, DLA-X75, DLA-X95, DLA-RS46E, DLA-RS48E, DLA-RS55E, DLA-RS56E, DLA-RS65E, DLA-RS66E, DLA-X3, DLA-X7, DLA-X9, DLA-X30, DLA-X70, DLA-X90, DLA-RS40, DLA-RS45, DLA-RS55, DLA-RS60, and DLA-RS66,NX9 JVC DLA-NX7B etc.)

Scope of delivery:

1x 3D-RF RF Transmitter for JVC 1x MiniDin 3Pin to USB cable

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