BT Pro Dualpack [Oxid Diamond]

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2x Hi-SHOCK® "Oxid Diamond" bundle | Dual Play RF/BT Pro 3D glasses for HDR / FullHD / 4k... more
Product information "BT Pro Dualpack [Oxid Diamond]"

Kompatibel mit 3D-Beamern:




Ältere Sony Modelle funktionieren ebenfalls, sofern ein RF Emitter [TMR-RF1 Emitter /AD025-RF-X1] benutzt wird: Sony HW40ES, VPL-HW55, VPL-VW1000. Ohne einen RF Emitter gehen die Brillen bei älteren Sony Modellen nicht! Allgemeine Informationen zur Kompatibilität mit Sony findest du hier: Sony 3D Brille



EH-LS10000, EH-LS10500, EH-LS500B, EH-LS500W,

EH-TW5100, EH-TW5200, EH-TW5210, EH-TW5300, EH-TW5350, EH-TW5400, EH-TW550, EH-TW5600, EH-TW5650, EH-TW570, EH-TW5910, EH-TW6100, EH-TW6600W, EH-TW6700, EH-TW6700W, EH-TW6800 EH-TW6800, EH-TW7000, EH-TW7100, EH-TW7200, EH-TW7300, EH-TW7400, EH-TW8100, EH-TW8200, EH-TW9100W, EH-TW9200, EH-TW9200W, EH-TW9300, EH-TW9300W, EH-TW9400, EH-TW9400W, TW9400W


Home Cinema 2100, Home Cinema 2150 Wireless, Home Cinema 3100, Home Cinema 3200, Home Cinema 3700, Home Cinema 3800, Home Cinema 3900, Home Cinema 4000, Home Cinema 4010, Home Cinema 5040UB, Home Cinema 5040UBe, Home Cinema 5050UB,

4K Home Cinema 5050UBe,

PowerLite Home Cinema 2045, PowerLite W16 3D WXGA, PowerLite W16SK,

3D 3LCD Pro Cinema 4040,

Pro Cinema 4050, 4K Pro Cinema 6040UB, Pro Cinema 6050UB, Pro Cinema LS10500

DLA-N5B W, DLA-N5B, DLA-N7B, DLA-NX9, DLA-RS 400, DLA-RS49, DLA-RS57, DLA-RS67, DLA-X 5000, DLA-X 500R, DLA-X 9000,

in Verbindung mit JVC RF Emitter PK-EM2G und JVC PK-AG3: JVC DLA-X 7000

Kompatibel mit 3D-TV's:

K Serie: UN55K8000

E Serie: E490, E550, E579, E6500, E8090, UN55E8000,

EH Serie: EH6030

ES Serie: ES6100, ES6200, ES6300, ES6340, ES6580, ES6710, ES6750, ES6760, ES6890, ES6990, ES7090, ES8090, ES9090,

D Serie: UN55D8000

F Serie: F4900, F6100, F6170, F6340, F6370, F6400, F6470, F6500, F6510, F6800,F6890, F7090, F8000, F8090, F8500, F9090, UE55F8590, UN55F8000,

FH Serie mit aktiver Shuttertechnologie!

H Serie: UN55H8000, H6620, H6870, H6890, H7090, H8090, UE48H6510, UE48H6600, UE55H6270, UE55H6270, UE55H6290, UE55H6410, UE55H8090, UE65H6470, UE75H6400, UE75H6470,

HU Serie: HU7590, HU8290, HU8590 UE75HU7500,

J Serie mit aktiver Shuttertechnologie!

JS Serie: JS9090, JS9590, UE55JS8090, UE65JS9500,

JU Serie: JU7090, JU7580, JU7590,

Bravia KDL-42W805, Bravia KDL-50W805, Bravia KDL-55W805B, Bravia KDL-60W855, Bravia X9500B,


KD-49X8505, KD-55S8005C, KD-55S8500C, KD-55X8500C, KD-55X8501C, KD-55X8505C, KD-55X8507C, KD-55X8508C, KD-55X8509C, KD-55X9005, KD-55X9005C, KD-55X9300C, KD-55X9305C, KD-55XD9305, KD-65S8005C, KD-65S8500C, KD-65X8500C, KD-65X8501C, KD-65X8505C, KD-65X8507C, KD-65X8508C, KD-65x9005C, KD-65X9300C, KD-65XD9305, KD-65ZD9BAEP, KD-75X8500C, KD-75X8501C, KD-75X8505C, KD-75X9105C, KD-75X9400C, KD-75X9405C, KD-75XD9405, KD-85X9505B,

KDL-42W655, KDL-42W805A, KDL-43W800C, KDL-43W805C, KDL-43W808C, KDL-43W809C, KDL-50W800C, KDL-50W807C, KDL-50W808C, KDL-50W809C, KDL-55W800C, KDL-55W805C, KDL-55W807C, KDL-55W808C, KDL-55W809C, KDL-65W850C, KDL-65W855C, KDL-65W857C, KDL-65W858C, KDL-65W859C, KDL-75W850C, KDL-75W855C,

Serie ZD9 KD-65ZD9, Serie ZD9 KD-75ZD9,

Weitere Informationen zur Kompatibilität finden Sie hier:Sony 3D Brillen

TC-55AS680U, TC-65AX800U, TC-P50XT50, TC-P65GT50, TC-P65UT50, TC-P65VT50, TX-50CXW704, TX-50DXW784, TX-50DXW804, TX-55CXW704, TX-58DXW784, TX-58DXW804, TX-58DXW904, TX-58exn788, TX-65CXW704, TX-65DXW784, TX-65DXW904, TX-75EXW784, TX-L55DT50E,

Viera TX-40CXW704,

Weitere Modelle sind ebenfalls kompatibel: LED AX 4k Serie / LED AS Serie / PLasma VT 50 Serie / Plasma GT 50 Serie / Plasma ST 50 Serie / Plasma UT 50 Serie / Plasma XT 50 Serie.

Aquos 4K UD Serie: LC-70UD1U, Aquos Quattron+,

LE757 Serie: LC-80LE757,

LE857 Serie: LC-80LE857,

PLE650 Serie: LC-90LE650U,

PUQ Serie: LC-60UQ17U,

SQ Serie: LC-60SQ15U,

40L1343DG, 40L5441DG, 40T5445DG,


48L5441DG, 48L5445DG, 48T5445DG,


40L1343DG, 40L5433DG, 40L5435DG, 40L5441DG, 40L5445DG, 40L5453DB, 40L7331DG, 40L7353DG, 40T5445DG,

46TL933G, 48L5435DG, 48L5441DG, 48L5443DG, 48L5445DG, 48T5445DG,

50L5335DG, 50L7353DG, 50L7365DG,

55L5445DG, 55L5445DG,


Kompatibel mit Original 3D Brille: FPS3D08

48K681X3DU, 55K390PAD, 65K390PAD, 75T910UAD,

HE58KEC730, HE65KEC730,

LDTN58K700, LDTN65K700, LDTN65XT910,

LED50K680X3DU, LED50XT900X3DU, LED65XT800X3DU,



C55U320A4CW-3D, C55U320N4CW-3D, C55U320N4CW-3D,

L40F278I3C-3D, L40F278M3C-3D, L40F278X3CW,

L48F243N3C, L48F249I3C-3D, L48F249N3C-3D, L48F249N3C-3D, L48F249X3CW, L48U300A4CW-3D,



32FT7563, 32FZ5534,


40FW6765, 40FZ5534, 40FZ5534W weiß, 40UZ7766,


46FT7563, 46FW5563, 46FW5563W weiß, 46FW5565, 46FW8785,

48FZ4533, 48FZ5633 weiß, 48FZ5634, 48FZ5634W weiß, 48FZ5635,

49UA7706, 49UZ8766,

50FU6663, 50FW5563, 50FW5563W weiß, 50FW5565, 50UW9766,

55FU5663, 55FW6765, 55FW8785, 55FZ4633, 55FZ5634, 55FZ5635, 55UA7706, 55UA8696, 55UA9806, 55UW9786, 55UZ8766,

65UA8696, 65UA8796, 65UZ7866,


85UZ8866, 85UZ8876,

Natürlich werden auch weitere TV-Hersteller unterstützt. Bitte verwenden Sie unseren 3D Brillen-Assisten um die richtige Brille für Ihren aktiven 3D TV zu finden.

2x Hi-SHOCK® "Oxid Diamond" bundle | Dual Play RF/BT Pro 3D glasses for HDR / FullHD / 4k 3DTV´s, RF 3D projectors & RF transmitters | comp. with SSG-3570CR / TDG-BT500A / AN3DG35 / TY-ER3D6ME / FPT-AG04 / AG-S350 / FPS3D08 | DualView / Dual Play / SimulPlay - switchover 2-players fullscreen gaming or 3D to 2D toggle [ Shutter glasses | 120 Hz | 39g | RF/Bluetooth ]

DualView | Beside the 3D function the viewer is able to switch to 2D-replay anytime during 3D-replay by simple keypress. The function contributes to enable everyone in a family to enjoy a 3D movie together independent to a preference for 2D or 3D.

DualPlay | With this display your 3D-glasses allow you to experience an ultimate full screen gaming experience for 2 players. In 2D-games players regularly see their game on one half of the screen. Thanks to the 3D-technology both players are able to see the game simultaneously on a full screen with just one click.

SimulView | This glasses allow a parallel replay of 2 independent contents. As viewer A watches a TV show, viewer B is able to surf on the internet at the same time with the same device. Every viewer sees the associated content on a full screen.

The sturdy surrounding design eliminates disturbing light reflections and stops light perfectly. Optimal lense coverage even for glass wearers. The vast lense and the soft curvature fits to most faces and provides a huge field of view for optimized exposition and maximized wearing comfort.


For Full HD / HDR / UHD 3D TVs with active shutter technology (bluetooth)

✔ Samsung K Serie: Samsung UN55K8000

✔ Samsung E Serie: UN55E8000, E490, E550, E579, E6500, E8090

✔ Samsung EH Serie: EH6030

✔ Samsung ES Serie: ES6100, ES6200, ES6300, ES6340, ES6580, ES6710, ES6750, ES6760, ES6890, ES6990, ES7090, ES8090, ES9090

✔ Samsung D Serie: UN55D8000

✔ Samsung F Serie: UN55F8000, F9090, UE55F8590, F8500, F8090, F8000, F7090, F6890, F6800, F6510, F6500, F6470, F6400, F6370, F6340, F6170, F6100, F4900

✔ Samsung FH Serie mit aktiver Shuttertechnologie!

✔ Samsung H Serie: UN55H8000, UE55H8090, UE75H6470, UE65H6470, UE55H6270, UE75H6400, UE48H6600, UE48H6510, UE55H6290, UE55H6410, UE55H6270, H6620, H6870, H6890, H7090, H8090

✔ Samsung HU Serie: UE75HU7500, HU7590, HU8290, HU8590

✔ Samsung J Serie mit aktiver Shuttertechnologie!

✔ Samsung JS Serie: UE55JS8090, UE65JS9500, JS9090, JS9590

✔ Samsung JU Serie: JU7090, JU7590, JU7580

✔ Sony Serie ZD9 KD-75ZD9

✔ Sony Serie ZD9 KD-65ZD9

✔ Sony KD-75XD9405

✔ Sony KD-65XD9305

✔ Sony KD-55XD9305

✔ Sony KD-55S8005C

✔ Sony KD-65S8005C

✔ Sony KD-55S8005C

✔ Sony KD-55X8509C

✔ Sony KD-65X8508C

✔ Sony KD-55X8507C

✔ Sony KD-75X9105C

✔ Sony KD-75X9405C

✔ Sony KD-55X9305C

✔ Sony KD-85X9505B

✔ Sony KD-75X9105C

✔ Sony KD-65X8508C

✔ Sony KD-55X8508C

✔ Sony KD-65X8507C

✔ Sony KD-75X8505C

✔ Sony KD-65X8505C

✔ Sony KD-55X8505C

✔ Sony KD-75X8501C

✔ Sony KD-65X8501C

✔ Sony KD-55X8501C

✔ Sony KD-75X9105C

✔ Sony KD-65ZD9BAEP

✔ Sony KD-65x9005C

✔ Sony KD-55X9005C

✔ Sony KD-55X9005

✔ Sony KD-49X8505

✔ Sony KD-75X9400C

✔ Sony KD-65X9300C

✔ Sony KD-55X9300C

✔ Sony KD-75X8500C

✔ Sony KD-65X8500C

✔ Sony KD-55X8500C

✔ Sony KD-65S8500C

✔ Sony KD-55S8500C

✔ Sony KDL-65W859C

✔ Sony KDL-55W809C

✔ Sony KDL-50W809C

✔ Sony KDL-55W808C

✔ Sony KDL-50W808C

✔ Sony KDL-43W808C

✔ Sony KDL-55W807C

✔ Sony KDL-43W809C

✔ Sony KDL-65W857C

✔ Sony KDL-65W858C

✔ Sony KDL-55W805C

✔ Sony KDL-75W855C

✔ Sony KDL-50W807C

✔ Sony KDL-42W805A

✔ Sony KDL-65W855C

✔ Sony KDL-43W805C

✔ Sony KDL-65W855C

✔ Sony KDL-42W655

✔ Sony KDL-75W850C

✔ Sony KDL-65W850C

✔ Sony KDL-55W800C

✔ Sony KDL-50W800C

✔ Sony KDL-43W800C

✔ Sony Bravia X9500B

✔ Sony Bravia KDL-60W855

✔ Sony Bravia KDL-42W805

✔ Sony Bravia KDL-50W805

✔ Sony Bravia KDL-55W805B

✔ Sony Bravia X9500B

✔ Sony FWD-55X8600P

For more information about the compabilitySony 3D Glasses

✔ Panasonic TX-50DXW784

✔ Panasonic TX-58DXW784

✔ Panasonic TX-65DXW784

✔ Panasonic TX-50DXW804

✔ Panasonic TX-58DXW804

✔ Panasonic TX-58DXW904

✔ Panasonic TX-65DXW904

✔ Panasonic TX-75EXW784

✔ Panasonic TX-L55DT50E

✔ Panasonic TX-65CXW704

✔ Panasonic TX-55CXW704

✔ Panasonic TX-50CXW704

✔ Panasonic Viera TX-40CXW704

✔ Panasonic TC-65AX800U

✔ Panasonic TC-55AS680U

✔ Panasonic TC-P65VT50

✔ Panasonic TC-P65GT50

✔ Panasonic TC-P65UT50

✔ Panasonic TC-P50XT50

Also more current model series like: LED AX 4k Serie / LED AS Serie / PLasma VT 50 Serie / Plasma GT 50 Serie / Plasma ST 50 Serie / Plasma UT 50 Serie / Plasma XT 50 Serie.

✔ Sharp Aquos 4K UD Serie: LC-70UD1U, Aquos Quattron+

✔ Sharp PUQ Serie: LC-60UQ17U

✔ Sharp SQ Serie: LC-60SQ15U

✔ Sharp PLE650 Serie: LC-90LE650U

✔ Sharp LE857 Serie: LC-80LE857

✔ Sharp LE757 Serie: LC-80LE757

✔ LG 48L5441DG

✔ LG 40L5441DG

✔ LG 48L5445DG

✔ LG 40L1343DG

✔ LG 55L5445DG

✔ LG 48T5445DG

✔ LG 46TL933G

✔ LG 40T5445DG

✔ Toshiba 48L5443DG

✔ Toshiba 55L5445DG

✔ Toshiba 40T5445DG

✔ Toshiba 58L5335DG

✔ Toshiba 48L5435DG

✔ Toshiba 40L5445DG

✔ Toshiba 50L7365DG

✔ Toshiba 48L5441DG

✔ Toshiba 40L7353DG

✔ Toshiba 40L7331DG

✔ Toshiba 40L5453DB

✔ Toshiba 40L5441DG

✔ Toshiba 40L5433DG

✔ Toshiba 50L7353DG

✔ Toshiba 48T5445DG

✔ Toshiba 50L5335DG

✔ Toshiba 40L5435DG

✔ Toshiba 48L5445DG

✔ Toshiba 40L1343DG

✔ Toshiba 55L5445DG

✔ Toshiba 46TL933G

✔ Hisense 75T910UAD

✔ Hisense 65K390PAD

✔ Hisense 55K390PAD

✔ Hisense LED50K680X3DU

✔ Hisense LED50XT900X3DU

✔ Hisense 48K681X3DU

✔ Hisense LED65XT800X3DU

✔ Hisense LTDN65K700

✔ Hisense TDN65XT910

✔ Hisense LDTN65XT910

✔ Hisense HE65KEC730

✔ Hisense LDTN65K700

✔ Hisense HE58KEC730

✔ Hisense LDTN58K700

✔ Telefunken L48F249I3C-3D

✔ Telefunken C55U320A4CW-3D

✔ Telefunken L40F278I3C-3D

✔ Telefunken L48F249N3C-3D

✔ Telefunken L48U300A4CW-3D

✔ Telefunken C55U320N4CW-3D

✔ Telefunken L48F243N3C

✔ Telefunken L48F249X3CW

✔ Telefunken XU55A441C

✔ Telefunken L40F278X3CW

✔ Telefunken L48F249N3C-3D

✔ Telefunken L40F278M3C-3D

✔ Telefunken C55U320N4CW-3D

✔ Telefunken T42N843

✔ Thomson 78UA8796

✔ Thomson 55UW9786

✔ Thomson 48FZ4533

✔ Thomson 32FZ5534

✔ Thomson 49UZ8766

✔ Thomson 40UZ7766

✔ Thomson 39FU6663

✔ Thomson 55FZ5635

✔ Thomson 40FZ5534

✔ Thomson 85UZ8866

✔ Thomson 50UW9766

✔ Thomson 48FZ5634W weiß

✔ Thomson 48FZ5634

✔ Thomson 50FW5563W weiß

✔ Thomson 55UA7706

✔ Thomson 65UA8696

✔ Thomson 50FW5563

✔ Thomson 55FW6765

✔ Thomson 48FZ5635

✔ Thomson 46FW5563W weiß

✔ Thomson 55UZ8766

✔ Thomson 46FW5565

✔ Thomson 50FU6663

✔ Thomson 65UA8796

✔ Thomson 40FW6765

✔ Thomson 46FT7563

✔ Thomson 49UA7706

✔ Thomson 50FW5565

✔ Thomson 46FW5563

✔ Thomson 40FZ5534W weiß

✔ Thomson 46FW8785

✔ Thomson 42UZ7766

✔ Thomson 55FW8785

✔ Thomson 55FZ5634

✔ Thomson 55FU5663

✔ Thomson 65UZ7866

✔ Thomson 55FZ4633

✔ Thomson 48FZ5633 weiß

✔ Thomson 85UZ8876

✔ Thomson 55UA8696

✔ Thomson 55UA9806

✔ Thomson 32FT7563

Technical data

  • Weight: 39 grams
  • Frequency range: 120 Hz
  • Permeability: 38+/-2%
  • Contrast: 1200:1
  • Connection: Bluetooth / RF
  • LCD response time: 1.0 ms
  • Battery power in permanent operation: >= 80 hours
  • Charging time: 3 hours

Scope of delivery:

  • 2x 3D glasses Oxid Diamond
  • 2x USB charging cable
  • 2x microfibre cloth
  • 2x glasses pouch
  • 2x manual
  • 6x exchangeable nosepieces
  • 1x Dualcase
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